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The Lesson of Beh’alotcha

Menorah- Kabbalah

The Secret of the Menorah 

The energy of the Sfirot, the ability to move between the upper and lower worlds. and the power of healing all residde in the Menorah. But the chapter of Beh’alotcha reveals another secret about the Menorah. After Moses told Aaron to light the Menorah, it is written: ” and Aaron said so”, as if, after Moses has asked him to do something for the creator, Aaron might have decided on his own to do something else instead. Why does the Bible have to tell us that Aaron, who was such a high spiritual level, did as he was commanded? If Moses were to come down and tell us to do something it is unlikely that we would change his order to do something else, so someone who was on Aaron’s spiritual level definitely wouldn’t counterman any of Moses’ instructions. 

temptation of the other side- KabbalahWhat the Bible teaches here is how powerful the negative side is: that even if Moses himself told us to do something, out “wisdom” might be able to convince us to change his orders. The power of the negative side lies in convincing us that we know everything. The negative side wants us to act like a sick person who is prescribed medicine by a doctor but decides not to take it because he thinks he knows better. There are many people in this world who behave like that. They won’t listen to their doctor or their lawyer… and they wouldn’t have listened to Moses either. That’s the power that their ego has over them. Think about it, the Israelites had witnessed the plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, the giving of manna in the desert, yet they still distrusted Moses and turned against him. There can be only one explanation for this incomprehensible behaviour: Whenever they had the choice between Moses- who spoke for God- and the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, they always found something wrong with Moses, and thus never had to do anything that would frustrate thei desire to receive. The truth is that we can always find something wrong with anyone if we look hard enough.

Beh’alotcha also teaches us something besides the important fact that we must listen to the creator: Whatever we do can be manifested only because of the Creator’s Light. With the help of the Light, anything we wish will be manifested. without the Light we are like a powerful computer that has a keyboard, a monitor and plenty of memory but no electricity. Without power the computer will not work, without the Light of the creator, we can do nothing.

Shabbat Shalom!

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