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New Moon of Cancer

Cancer-Tammuz- Kabbalah

The Zodiac by Kagaya

Cancer is the only sign ruled by the moon, and because of this, the moon’s energy is purely and completely manifested in Cancer. The moon’s influence is magnified even further because Cancer is a water sign, and we all know how the pull of gravity is responsible for the oceans’ tides.

To understand the sign of Cancer, then, we begin by considering the moon, the symbol of variability and our planet’s closest neighbor. Each and every night, the moon shows us a different face. With such a changeable ruling planet, Cancer’s feelings of instability, uncertainty, and insecurity should come as no surprise. Nor should we be surprised at Cancer’s attempts to regain security and stability by seeking reassurance in material comforts. Cancers are like the children of unpredictable and inconsistent parents: Such children compensate for their lack of security by becoming cautious, apprehensive, and acquisitive. Like their symbol, the Crab, Cancers may create a protective shell of material things to shield them from what seems to be capricious and uncertain world.

Cancers often have round faces. The weak point of their body is their fragile stomach—they have a difficult digestive system and may be susceptible to ulcers. Cancers also have a tendency to suffer emotionally. They are prone to depression and severe mood swings—from joy to sadness to anger, and back again within seconds. On the positive side, this hypersensitivity allows them to understand quickly what others need or want. Cancers are keen observers of every movement or gesture, tirelessly looking for hints of change or trouble. They are extremely intuitive.

cancer- TammuzBut they are also extremely vulnerable. Because of this, they are constantly torn between their understanding of others’ needs and their own need to protect themselves. Therefore, they may retreat into a shell, hiding behind a mask of seeming indifference. Fear of hurt may immobilize them and prevent them from taking any action that could benefit someone else or themselves.

For Cancers, the finite and apparently predetermined aspects of the physical world are a constant worrisome companion. They find themselves looking for the negativity that lurks everywhere, and it’s no surprise that they usually find it.

The month of Tammuz gives us the opportunity to regain our balance, unify our lives, heal ourselves, and overcome the apparent limitations of the physical world through the use of sharing and love. By doing so, we are able to see beyond the physical world to the Upper Worlds. For Cancers in particular, this means taking a more long-term view. You must emerge from your armor of material possessions and your masks of indifference, and expose yourself to risk. To do this you must recognize that the light of the moon may be uncertain and changeable, but the Light we are made of is everlasting. You must release your talents for empathy and intuitive understanding into the world. Share it with others, not for the sake of recognition, but for its own sake. Nothing will help you more to overcome your inclination toward depression and anxiety than sharing with others and putting into practice your enormous potential for generosity.

During three months every year—Tammuz, Av, and Tevet—an energy is revealed in the universe that can be harnessed and controlled only through use of very specific  tools, without which chaos can easily penetrate the entire world. As disclosed in The Book of Formation, Tammuz is connected to the astrological sign of Cancer. Surprisingly, this also refers to the disease of the same name. Abraham the Patriarch knew about cancer long before the advent of modern medicine. Abraham also knew in detail the characteristics of the disease and the means by which it could be prevented. The malignant growth spreads without any order, inconsiderate of the environment. This is Satan consciousness, as it appears in the universe during the month of Tammuz.

Zodiac_CancerThe word cancer in Aramaic is Sartan, which is a combination of two other words, Sar and Tan. Sar means to remove, eliminate, and clean. Tan is an Aramaic word that deals with deferent aspects of chaos; the word Tina (hatred), which is one of its derivatives, connects physical chaos and destruction with negative feelings such as sorrow, anger, and frustration. Rav Shimon and The Ari explain that these feelings separate us from the Light and happiness, dropping us like a ripe fruit directly into the arms of the Angel of Death. Therefore the name of the month, Sartan, actually refers to “removing sorrow.”

The physical and spiritual disease of cancer is born in Tammuz; hence the name “Cancer.” Cancer can occur in business, relationships, and the physical body. The Zohar, however, explains that before a disease is created the antidote and cure originate first. This month is our antidote and proactive healing process. We should direct our consciousness toward healing throughout this period, strive more to ensure that all your actions and deeds embody care and tolerance for others, maintain your connection to the Light to ensure health and well-being in all areas of your life.


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