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New Moon of Cancer

Cancer-Tammuz- Kabbalah

The Zodiac by Kagaya

Cancer is the only sign ruled by the moon, and because of this, the moon’s energy is purely and completely manifested in Cancer. The moon’s influence is magnified even further because Cancer is a water sign, and we all know how the pull of gravity is responsible for the oceans’ tides.

To understand the sign of Cancer, then, we begin by considering the moon, the symbol of variability and our planet’s closest neighbor. Each and every night, the moon shows us a different face. With such a changeable ruling planet, Cancer’s feelings of instability, uncertainty, and insecurity should come as no surprise. Nor should we be surprised at Cancer’s attempts to regain security and stability by seeking reassurance in material comforts. Cancers are like the children of unpredictable and inconsistent parents: Such children compensate for their lack of security by becoming cautious, apprehensive, and acquisitive. Like their symbol, the Crab, Cancers may create a protective shell of material things to shield them from what seems to be capricious and uncertain world. (more…)

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