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Lesson of Shlach Lecha


We know that the men who were sent to spy out the land of Canaan were not just the heads of the tribes. They were righteous souls or Moses would have not sent them. So why did they tell lies about the land in their reports to Moses? Both the Zohar and the Midrash explain that the spies were afraid of what would come and everyone would know the secrets of Creation, causing them to lose their power as the heads of their tribes since they would then be redundant.  (more…)


The Lesson of Beh’alotcha

Menorah- Kabbalah

The Secret of the Menorah 

The energy of the Sfirot, the ability to move between the upper and lower worlds. and the power of healing all residde in the Menorah. But the chapter of Beh’alotcha reveals another secret about the Menorah. After Moses told Aaron to light the Menorah, it is written: ” and Aaron said so”, as if, after Moses has asked him to do something for the creator, Aaron might have decided on his own to do something else instead. Why does the Bible have to tell us that Aaron, who was such a high spiritual level, did as he was commanded? If Moses were to come down and tell us to do something it is unlikely that we would change his order to do something else, so someone who was on Aaron’s spiritual level definitely wouldn’t counterman any of Moses’ instructions.  (more…)


Mount Sinai and the Revelation of the Light of Immortality

Mount Sinai and the Revelation of the Light of Immortality

We learn from The Zohar that every night of Shavuot, Rav Shimon and his students stayed awake and studied Torah. Rav Shimon says that every year on Shavuot we can purchase life insurance. Nothing can afflict the insured. Whoever makes the right spiritual connection on Shavuot has been insured—they will not die or be hurt at least until the following Rosh Hashana. From this we can understand that the reason to celebrate Shavuot is not religious or historical tradition, but rather pure self-interest. (more…)

The Lesson of Bamidbar

Desert- bamidbar- kabbalah


Bamidbar in Aramaic means “in the desert”. We know that a desert is an abandoned place: anyone can go there and do whatever he or she desires. Throughout the generations, Kabbalists have gone into the desert for spiritual reasons. It was like going into the exile for a while – going to a place where there was nothing, so they could feel that they had nothing. Rav Berg says that one of the reasons Kabbalists went into the desert was because that is where Satan dwells, and so the desert is the place where we should build our Tabernacle. Our spiritual work is to bring Light to places where there is none.  (more…)

The Lesson of Pekudei


In this Last story of the book of Shemot ( Exodus) The people brought to Moses all the finished materials he needed to erect the Tabernacle and to fill it with. Every single item was ready. An exact accounting of these items was done because Moses was afraid people might accuse him of stealing; they might question where all of their donations went. with the negativity that had been generated during the incident of the Golden Calf, it was possible that the people might accuse even Moses of stealing. Once the energy of death or negativity enters, there’s o limit to the harm it can do.

Yet even though all the contents of the Tabernacle were present and all the worked already completed- including the fashioning of the vestments of the Kohen HaGadol, the High Priest – nothing could be manifested without the energy of Moses, who had to bring it all together. He was the channel, the higher soul that ever lived. We may begin our spiritual work alone, but we need our teachers and God to reach the next level.  (more…)

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