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New Moon of Cancer

Cancer-Tammuz- Kabbalah

The Zodiac by Kagaya

Cancer is the only sign ruled by the moon, and because of this, the moon’s energy is purely and completely manifested in Cancer. The moon’s influence is magnified even further because Cancer is a water sign, and we all know how the pull of gravity is responsible for the oceans’ tides.

To understand the sign of Cancer, then, we begin by considering the moon, the symbol of variability and our planet’s closest neighbor. Each and every night, the moon shows us a different face. With such a changeable ruling planet, Cancer’s feelings of instability, uncertainty, and insecurity should come as no surprise. Nor should we be surprised at Cancer’s attempts to regain security and stability by seeking reassurance in material comforts. Cancers are like the children of unpredictable and inconsistent parents: Such children compensate for their lack of security by becoming cautious, apprehensive, and acquisitive. Like their symbol, the Crab, Cancers may create a protective shell of material things to shield them from what seems to be capricious and uncertain world. (more…)


New Moon on Gemini

New Moon of gemini


Sivan is the third month of the lunar calendar, ruled by the planet Mercury, which is named after the Roman messenger of the gods. In Aramaic, Mercury is called Chochav, which is associated both with communication in the physical world and with integration of the physical and spiritual dimensions.

The Aramaic letters that connect us to the spiritual energy of the month are Reish ר, which created the planet Mercury, and Zayin ז, which created the sign of Gemini, or the Twins. Together they tell us that Sivan is a month filled with potential for unification, particularly for the fusion of the physical and spiritual worlds.

“Quick” is the word that comes up most often when thinking about Gemini—quick to judge, quick to react, and quick to change. Quick as in clever and lively, but also quick as in momentary, superficial and passing. (more…)

The New Moon of Taurus

New Moon of Taurus


Iyar is the second month of the year. Ruled by the planet Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Iyar is nicknamed the Month of Light. The world Taureans live in is bathed in Light. Venus, Nogah in Aramaic, rules Taurus, Nogah means Light. For Taureans, Light is everywhere—a beautiful, dazzling, but sometimes blinding Light. Because of this, Taureans tend to be eternal optimists, focusing on the positive and disregarding the negative. Nothing seems to upset them. They refuse to attribute bad intentions to anyone. Confronted with a nasty situation, it is not unusual for Taureans to respond with indifference. The situation will right itself—the Light will take care of it. For this reason, Taureans often seem to lack ambition, initiative, and imagination. But it’s not that they don’t possess these attributes; they just don’t see any reason to use them. Because of the abundance of Light in their lives, Taureans can get complacent, self-satisfied, or smug. They are comfortable exactly where they are. (more…)

New Moon of Aries

New Moon of Aries


Nissan is the first month of the lunar year. Ruled by the planet Mars and named after the Roman god of war, it is a month filled with opportunities in the form of confrontations, battles, and potential antagonism. Because of this, Kabbalah tells us that the force of miracles is present in the universe during the month of Nissan.

The Aramaic letters connecting us to the positive aspects of the month are Hei ה which created the sign of Aries and represents the Desire to Receive, and Dalet ד, which created Mars and means “poor”. The combination of these two letters is interpreted to mean that during the month of Nissan, we should strive to diminish our Desire to Receive for the Self Alone. By contemplating these two Aramaic letters, we can tap into the energy necessary to attain this goal. (more…)

New Moon of Pisces

New Moon of Pisces


The last sign of the Zodiac, the Pisces symbol has been said to be a representation of the difficulty in extracting the good from that which appears bad. The moral of the symbol for Pisces is said to be that “the severe season has passed; though your flocks, as yet, do not yield their store, the ocean and rivers are open to you, their inhabitants are placed within your power.

The Aramaic letters that connect us to the positive aspects of the month of Adar are kuf ק, which created Pisces, and Gimel ג, which created the planet Jupiter. Gimel means “sharing”.  As The Zohar teaches us, Adar is important because it includes Purim, the wonderful, joyous holiday that is truly eternal.  Purim is a cosmic event that brings our consciousness to a state of pure happiness—and through us, to the consciousness of the entire world. For this and many other reasons, Adar is known as the Month of Joy. (more…)

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