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The Lesson of Beh’alotcha

Menorah- Kabbalah

The Secret of the Menorah 

The energy of the Sfirot, the ability to move between the upper and lower worlds. and the power of healing all residde in the Menorah. But the chapter of Beh’alotcha reveals another secret about the Menorah. After Moses told Aaron to light the Menorah, it is written: ” and Aaron said so”, as if, after Moses has asked him to do something for the creator, Aaron might have decided on his own to do something else instead. Why does the Bible have to tell us that Aaron, who was such a high spiritual level, did as he was commanded? If Moses were to come down and tell us to do something it is unlikely that we would change his order to do something else, so someone who was on Aaron’s spiritual level definitely wouldn’t counterman any of Moses’ instructions.  (more…)



Usually, this is the first biblical chapter we read in the month of Elul, a time when we look back on the year just past and see what we have done that we need to change.  If anything went wrong, however big or small, during the whole year, It’s because we didn’t do our job in the previous Elul—that is, we didn’t do the process of teshuvah, or going back to the past to make amends and thereby reprogram our future, correctly.

Be simple with your Creator

Reading the Chapter of Shoftim, we might think that spiritual work is very easy: We need merely be simple with our Creator, and approach our spiritual work in a simple and down-to-earth manner.  If we do this, then everything will be fine.  This injunction seems very straightforward in the Bible, so why do we feel that our spiritual work is the most difficult thing we have to do in this world?



By Yehuda Berg

(May 6th – May 12th, 2012)

What makes someone happy?

Most of us think that those who can get what they want in life are happy – and from this belief we conclude that people with power or money or influence must be living the high life! Yet if we look more closely, we can see that often that the wealthiest people can be lost, bitter, and unfulfilled.

This is an indication of how superficial our perspective on happiness really is. Just because a person has lots of physical things does not mean he or she has lasting happiness.

If you think about it, it becomes clear that most every pleasure in this physical world is temporary.

While money can buy us a house, it’s the love a family shares that turns that house into a home. It’s sharing our time and our care, not our money that creates lasting friendships instead of superficial ones. Why is that? Because when we share and put our energy into something we behave like the Light and in that way we can connect to the Light. There is a spiritual law that explains that the Light can only rest where there is a similarity of form. No designer labels can awaken in us the self worth –we can attain by being there for someone.

Start shifting your desire from things of a physical nature to things of a spiritual nature.

The physical world will always provide short-term fulfillment, but when we act more like the Creator that we will find the lasting happiness we really desire.

All the best,



“Creating Real Friendships”

There is a famous story about a student who asked a great kabbalist if he could teach him all the lessons of the Bible while standing on one leg. He replied that he could certainly do so, and then he spoke the following words: “Love your neighbor as yourself. The rest is commentary.”

Love does not happen easily—not even among friends or in a close-knit family. If our brothers and sisters or our parents weren’t family, would we still love them? Many people, if they were to answer honestly, would have to say “no.”

There’s no doubt about it: Love is hard work, especially, love for those closest to us. (more…)

Spiritually, the most important thing is to be an authentic human being.

Spiritually, the most important thing is to be an authentic human being. This comes before study or learning or understanding. As they come to know more, many people have a tendency to lose sight of this. They become overly pious because they need to cover up what they once were.

But if increased knowledge causes the loss of their essential humanity, then they are missing the point, and getting further away from (not closer to) God.

via Yehuda Berg

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